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Attorney Michael Zimbert has been practicing criminal law for over 34 years. He represents clients charged with any level of crime, at both the national and state level.

Because of his distinguished work representing the rights of criminal defendants over the years, Los Angeles Criminal Law Attorney Michael Zimbert has been honored as a mentor in Volunteers in Parole. He has been asked to be a guest speaker at local colleges and high schools. Criminal Law Lawyer Michael Zimbert has also been teaching constitutional law and criminal procedure for paralegals over the last 15 years at LA Valley College.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes include offenses related to possessing and using illegal drugs. Convictions for even minor offense can carry harsh penalties, so it is always best to seek the advice of a knowledgeable attorney like Drug Crimes Attorney Michael Zimbert.

For instance, California is said to have “legalized” marijuana. However, there are still laws regarding how much marijuana an individual is allowed to possess and where an individual consumes it. You can still be charged with a felony for some marijuana crimes.

Narcotics Defense

A narcotics offense can have very serious consequences involving ones’ liberties and ability to remain in the United States unless handled properly. If the amount of the narcotics is large or if the Prosecutor has other evidence that you are involved the sale or transportation, you can be charged with crimes relating to drug distribution.

If you have been charged at a federal level, the punishments can be more severe. Federal Narcotics Defense Lawyer Michael Zimbert has successfully defended clients charged in federal courts around the country. His experience in narcotics cases gives him the knowledge to know what defenses may be available to you not only at the state level but also at the federal level.

Serious Felonies

Serious or violent felonies have their own harsh consequences, such as longer jail terms and higher fines. They also potentially set you up to be punished under the “three strikes” law.

Felony Defense Lawyer Michael Zimbert can help you evaluate your case and provide an understanding not only of the process that is involved in the handling of serious felonies and with his 34 years of practice will work on getting the best outcome for your case.

Violent Felonies

Violent felonies include those such as murder, rape, robbery, kidnapping, attempted murder, as well as other gang related crimes.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Michael Zimbert has focused on these violent felonies that involve gangs and has done extensive work using his negotiation skills and actual trial experience to get the best outcome for his clients.

If you are charged with a serious or violent criminal offense, you need a serious and diligent criminal defense attorney. You can call Los Angeles Criminal Law Attorney Michael Zimbert today to schedule your consultation.

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