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Attorney Michael Zimbert has been defending clients charged with criminal offenses for over 30 years. During that time he has focused on narcotics and gang related offenses, and practiced in both state and federal courts.

Because he has spent most of his time in the courtroom, he is familiar with court procedures and with the people in the courtrooms. Narcotics Attorney Michael Zimbert has successfully defended clients charged with narcotics crimes in several states.

Narcotics Charges

In California law, there is a list of drugs which it is illegal to possess. There is a drug schedule which lists drugs people commonly associate with drug crimes, like heroin and cocaine. Other drugs such as codeine may be legal if you can prove you have a prescription. It is also illegal to possess certain substances which are commonly used to make drugs.

The simplest drug charge is possession. However, if there is a large amount of the drug or the State thinks it can prove that you are engaged in drug dealing, you may be charged with a drug distribution crime. These charges are much more serious and have the potential for much more jail time.

Evidence in a Narcotics case

The State must prove every element of an offense to win a conviction for any criminal offense . For a narcotics case, they also often have to provide evidence that the drugs are really drugs. This means they need to prove that they have properly tested the alleged narcotics, and that they kept track of the items and there was no possibility they were interfered with.

Drug charges often hinge on evidence which explains how they were found. Sometimes drugs are found by police officers at a traffic stop, or in a search incident to arrest. Often the police are relying on a search warrant to give them an excuse to search.

Taking apart the State’s case

There are many ways to contest the evidence in a drug case. Most other cases rely on eyewitnesses, but drug cases also rely on physical evidence. Search warrants can be challenged, as can the reasons police officers give for warrantless searches.

Los Angeles Narcotics Attorney Michael Zimbert has experience analyzing drug cases and finding these defenses and more. Anyone who needs help with a narcotics charge can call Attorney Michael Zimbert today for a free consultation.

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